LCBO bag initiative

The LCBO bag initiative has been organized by the Clearview Community Policing Committee since December 2009.  Every May and December, a new campaign is held to coincide with the holidays associated with those months.  

The LCBO bag initiative has been made possible by local elementary school children who have drawn pictures on 6 x 6 pieces of paper depicting what happens when drivers choose to drive after consuming alcohol.  These pictures are then glued to wine bags generously provided by the Creemore and Stayner LCBOs.  To date, over 4090 bags have been distributed to customers of the above mentioned LCBOs. 

The message is clear:  if you drink, please do not drive. 





If you need a ride home during the long weekend or at any time during the year, please consider a cab.  Here are the names and telephone numbers of local cab companies you can call for a safe ride home.


Ace Cabs 705-445-3300

Kyle's Taxi 705-429-5300 or 705-444-1441

Wasaga Taxi 705-429-5611

Teddy Bears Taxi 705-444-4444

Tom's Taxi 705-229-7779

Georgian Shores Transportation 705-352-3300