Speed Sign

Our Committee, for over 10 years, has owned and operated the use of a Speed Sign.  This Speed Sign, which measures and displays the speeds of approaching drivers, is a helpful resource in eliminating speeding on our roadways. 


A new speed sign was purchased by the Township of Clearview, in partnership with the CCPC and Huronia West OPP.  The sign has been placed in a test area as well as a requested area (County Road 9) within Clearview Township.  The sign is important because of the data it is able to gather using a speed monitoring system.  The data is shared in partnership with the three organizations mentioned above.

The CCPC will be assisting in the purchase of more brackets to mount the speed sign in a number of roadways throughout the Township.  Clearview Township has also purchased additional signs to be used throughout our community.

Any requests for the sign are to be forwarded to the Committee.  Please use our Contact Us Page for requests.